Photo Dump: The Globe Trot

Photos from my 10 day venture- Madrid to Morrocco to the Sahara, to London.



 I could call madrid home. My spanish needs work anyway.

Morrocco (unfortunately I used my camera most in the car):

The dunes of the mighty Sahara!

The road back to Marrakech:

And unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of London. Picture it in your head…

The trip was wild. Too many stories to write, and besides you just looked at a ton of photos, so you’re probably almost over it by now. I was a tourist for a week in Morocco and pretended I was a real European in Madrid. In London I went to an electronic music festival and didn’t sleep…so…good trip.

I will not stop traveling. Let it be known, I will get to Tibet and Nepal before I die.


~ by evanlitsios on December 14, 2011.

One Response to “Photo Dump: The Globe Trot”

  1. Looks awesome, Evan! Perhaps you’d like to write something for the Beat about your adventures..? 😉

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