Discussion on J.R.R. Tolkien Part 1

J.R.R. Tolkien went through WWI. He saw the darkness in humanity. So he took the complexity of our world and used it to make sense of the one that was developing in his imagination.  The product was Arda, and six major publications. He worked on this imaginary world until he died, and after that his son finished the work that he left behind.

In short, Tolkien created a harmonious universe, almost identical to our own. Tolkien is a BOSS.

Most often, I hear people speak of the Lord of The Rings or the Hobbit as some of the first books they really loved, and that they adore Tolkien for the world that he created and the hobbit’s quaint lifestyle in contrast to the darkness of Moria and so on. They get caught up in the magical atmosphere of his work, which is wonderful, but unfortunately in conversation I’ve found mostly this, and not the type of appreciation that I think he deserves, which is that of a linguist, a sociologist, and a strict academic. Of course that’s really boring…

Or it might be unless you look at it like this. Bring C.S. Lewis into the picture?

That’s where you get to see the voice behind LOTR and the Silmarillion. The man knew that there was a fantastic magical world within what we see every day. He essentially showed us the light and the dark in our world through his world.

Of course, get people talking about that and you hear stuff like this:

“One of the best forms of a long narrative..is the pilgrimage or long journey with an object.”
-J.R.R. Tolkien
More coming in part 2…


~ by evanlitsios on November 17, 2011.

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