Ireland Dispatch #2: Northern Ireland-Cave Dwellers

One month down, three to go, and my love for Guinness is only growing. Can’t say much for the food, positive or negative, but there is food here. Very exciting.

I’ll tell you about my Northern Ireland Experience. We drove up for one day in a coach bus. It took a few hours, and we stopped halfway at a gas station. Across the street from there, was a McDonnalds. It is so much better here. The fries don’t taste like sponges here, and the burgers actually taste like recently dead cows. It was heart warming, unfortunately.

We drove up to see the set of any geologists favorite porno, The Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark. The cave system was made by an underwater river, and was first explored sometime when cars didn’t have seat belts. They had the place fairly well lit, but I was at the back of the group, and when we moved along the tour guide would turn off the lights behind us. I was lucky enough to be in the back when she turned off the lights, so I know. There are things down there…

Well lit caves with cement walkways through the center aren’t so bad, but as soon as the stop becoming well lit and you realize that there is a whole lot more to the cave than the cement path that you’re standing on, things get freaky.

"The precious is lost!"

The cave people are most likely amphibious

The trip wasn’t incredibly stimulating. I enjoyed being in the caves, but was happy to get out after feeling claustrophobic and after convincing myself a few too many times that I saw something moving in the deep corners. That being said, I imagine it would be great to get into spelunking…like this guy:

Bears, post feast...

The bus ride back to Dublin was long, but there were some great views of the countryside:

The real Irish car bomb

Cows, grass, trees…good stuff.

Hope you enjoyed.


~ by evanlitsios on September 29, 2011.

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