Up, Up, to Cruising Altitude, Then Down, to the Runway, Then Walk, Walk to the Baggage Claim!!

I’m goin’ to Ireland! It’s nothing but potatoes and warm beer from here on out….aren’t you jealous? Ahhhhhhhh, leaving America. All of you msg, 4G, vampire-loving, SUV humping, squares can eat my shorts! Of course, friend, I’m not talking to you. I mean all the other people…over there…hmmmmm….

SO I’ll have some transit to look forward to.

I love the grim, sterile, familiarity of an airport or train station. Of course, Grand Central isn’t exactly the cleanest place these days, but my travels won’t take me near there this year. No, I’ll leave from Logan Airport on Tuesday, August 23. When a large number of people wind up together in a flying tin can there are barriers that slowly deteriorate. First, everyone accepts the fact that they are inescapably together, trapped among strangers. Anyone who doesn’t accept that stands out like a sore thumb, and they often act like they they have one. Second is the barrier of awkward communication. Saying hi to the person next to you and smiling becomes a feat worth recognizing, and I find myself taking pride in it whenever I do. The conversations are unpredictable, and can easily be directed if you’re in a whimsical state of mind. I make sure, while traveling, to keep myself positive and whimsical almost by habit. Perhaps thats why I love travel so much, because whimsical joy makes life a game, even when it involves baggage, tickets, lines, strangers, tourists, fat Americans, and popped ear drums.

SO my offering to you, in honor of my travels (and yours, for that matter) is a playlist, like a digital mix-tape. These are the songs that I’ll find myself listening to, walking down long hallways towards Gate 23, then looking out the window as buildings get smaller. I’m growing excited with each letter that I write, here, as I  imagine listening to some of these songs as mountain ranges of clouds float just outside my window seat. I hope you aren’t completely familiar with all of them. Many, I’m sure you may have heard, though.

I want to post about ten Animal Collective songs, but I’ll narrow it down to TWO!

A classic…

-Along those lines:

Good Gorillaz…

And a whole load of Jazz!!! Been getting into this stuff recently:



gotta listen to part 2!

Calm down…

Wake up!

A little G-feeling to get you through the lines…

I hope you found something to enjoy!

I will post regularly from Ireland, letting you know what’s good! Let me know if you have any thoughts on the playlist, travel, Ireland, mexicans, whatever!


~ by evanlitsios on August 20, 2011.

One Response to “Up, Up, to Cruising Altitude, Then Down, to the Runway, Then Walk, Walk to the Baggage Claim!!”

  1. Great music, I turned them all on at the same time. . .

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