Ricky Oyola-he’s the man

If you don’t have time, just click the link and watch part 4, but if you have a little while…

Start here:

Then watch all of these, fucking Epicly Later’d-so good:

“Nowadays, it’s like the skater expects the filmer to do everything. ‘Take me to the spot, fix it for me, and then I’ll think of a trick’…I wanna film. The skater’s like the creative person. They should take you where to go and do the tricks they want to do.”
-videographer, Dan Wolfe

And for PART FOUR you have to click this link: ThrasherRickyOyolaEpiclyLaterd4  I highly recommend watching part four. Ricky talks about skateboarding as an art form rather than a sport, which I think is one of the more powerful messages in this entire series.

Eastern Exposure 3 got Ricky Oyola’s name out across America:


~ by evanlitsios on July 22, 2011.

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