“Shaking Hands With The Devil”, Transworld Snowboarding Reports, via theGingerpost

If you’re interested in Snowboarding’s presence in the Olympics, you should read this article. It holds the next piece to this puzzle of “who’s calling the shots.” The FIS has agreed to receive recommendations from a “Snowboarding task force” which will somehow affect the problems of event schedules, representation, and event procedures.

Read the article, and enjoy. It is well written by Matt Barr, who’s covered a fair amount of this debate.

With all that being said, Snowboarding doesn’t belong in the olympics. It’s a clash of ideas and mentalities. Yes, snowboarders compete. That does not mean we have to compete for the nationalist well being of our nation, or contribute to the money-tornado that the Olympics have turned into. The olympics do not help snowboarding, but snowboarding helped the olympics in a huge way this past go-around, by revamping its overall image and boosting ratings. Does that sound like a pathway to exploitation to you?


~ by evanlitsios on July 5, 2011.

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