Going Green: Full Movie and Review

Looking for a low budget snowboard movie to watch for free? Here it is: probably one of the best “random” snowboard videos of this season: Going Green. Thanks to Get Healthy productions, out of where else but Minnesota!

Some of the parts are very impressive. Every once and a while you see a shot that isn’t very good, riding-wise, but not so many that you’re turned off. The editing and filming are both consistently above par (compared to most of the crap that we see these days.) Although it has only a few riders worth keeping an eye on, it kept my interest all the way through. The bottom line: these young MN riders can destroy rails!

Because I’m blogging about it, I reserve my right to throw some haterism towards this movie. I couldn’t help but think, throughout, that I was watching a bunch of ex lax-bros who magically became good at snowboarding. The party footage, awkward filler, and overall teenage feel put an odd spin on the whole thing in contrast with the riding. Also, all of the riders had the same style, from their clothing to their snowboarding, with only a couple exceptions. All that being said, it’s superficial hate, and means nothing! They put together a movie that reflected who they were and how much fun they have on their snowboards, and what’s more: they made me want to go do it too! I couldn’t ask for much more from a zero budget crew with nothing but enthusiasm and a camera.


~ by evanlitsios on June 20, 2011.

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