Seb Touts’ Video Part…A Review From the Peanut Gallery

It’s official, robots have taken over snowboarding…

It’s easy to watch any video part and say “eh, whatever,” but I could not after watching this part from X-Games Champ, Sebastien Toutant. His snowboarding is incredible. I know you can say the same for many other’s, but his snowboarding really does stand out as a totally successful combination of technical skill and a willingness to go big. It’s Jock snowboarding at the most up-to-date level since Shaun White’s recent Olympic performance. I’d post a video of that, but I know you don’t want to see it.

This video part fails in my book for a few of reasons.

Poor move #1: the song. Dub step is on the same level as verbal harassment when it comes to things that I want coming through my ears. I understand that if you put it in a video part it automatically bumps the intensity level of the video up ten notches, and makes your riding look better because of it. For that reason I also understand why they would want to use it: to make Seb look better (because they surely didn’t use it to please our ears…) The major reason that I dislike the music choice is the fact that it adds to the overall showboating effect.

Poor move #2: attitude. If the intent of this video part was to bulldoze our senses with how good this kid is, it succeeded. Seb Touts is an incredibly gifted snowboarder, as I already stated, which is why we don’t need to be assaulted with this crusade of showboating. The triple corks, all synced up with the dubstep and the so-mo, the homie prop shots after every landed trick-he already won the X-Games, we get it! He’s really, really good. I don’t know why I needed to watch this if all I was going to get out of it was “this dudes better than everyone else!”

I read the Transworld comment boards after watching, and saw that a lot of people were hating on his style. He wears bright colors and has high paying sponsors. His stance is really wide, which can look awkward on rails, but I believe doesn’t. He wears a helmet. He does triple corks (for reasons unknown.) The fact is, snowboarding’s about doing your thing, and if he’s got that jock mentality to push progression and have huge sponsors, thats fine. It’s wrong to look down on someone for the way they ride their snowboard and choose to present themselves, so long as it doesn’t interfere with you and yours.

This part failed because of it’s attitude. It was basically a short video of contest snowboarding. I’m not going to tell anyone what to do with their creative direction when it comes to their parts, but I will say that you can do a lot more than prove how good you are, which is all this video did.


~ by evanlitsios on June 14, 2011.

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