GBP Soup Kitchen 8.

F’you aint seen em, got some fresh throwaway from Gremlinzz.

It’s a lot of park footage, yes, but it separates itself from the rest of the park rubbish that we’ve been drowned in this year. They do they’re snowboarding exactly how they like it. The editing and filming is low key, and the music is great. What more do you need? Final cut wizards beware, there’s a crew out and about proving that there’s another way to do it: gbp.

What I like most about the Soup Kitchen edits and any other GBP footage, is that it doesn’t seem like there’s anyone behind the lens saying “Ok this is how I want this to look.” and putting lots of effort into the editing. To me, that shows the film maker’s art direction, rather than the rider’s. The riders, though, are the ones doing the snowboarding and they are the subject matter of the film, so why not let their style dictate the art direction? It is a give and take relationship that filmers and snowboarders deal with together, but all too often I watch edits that are overwhelmingly edited and angled. In the end, with those edits, it’s more about the filming and editing than about the actual snowboarding (i.e. Knifeshow). It doesn’t even matter who’s doing the snowboarding!

Sorry to rant. If you agree or disagree, feel free to comment below, or send me a message via email, facebook, fax, whatever.


~ by evanlitsios on June 12, 2011.

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