Stay Gold B Footy Mega Post

Nothing has been as successful at inspiring me to skateboard than watching Emerica’s Stay Gold. That being said, I’ve found myself feeling incredibly inferior (duh) and uninspired to skate during these early summer weeks, on no small part of the staggered postings of Stay Gold B-footage. See, I’m not good at skating, and watching people like Kevin “Spanky” Long and Bryan Herman, let alone Andrew Reynolds, leaves me dumbfounded. Just the B-footy alone, the stuff that didn’t make the movie, is-well I’ll spare you my description, and let the video do the talking.

Young guy, Colin Provost:

Braydon Szafranski:


Bryan Herman:

BOSS, Andrew Reynolds:

He got best part of the year for a reason.

Jamie Tancowny:


Sameways for days!

And that’s all Emerica’s given us so far on Vimeo for B-footage. We’re still waiting on B-side releases of Jerry Hsu, Brandon Westgate, Leo Romeo, Marquis Preston, and Aaron Suski. I hope you enjoyed! If Emerica puts more out I’ll be sure to post them.


~ by evanlitsios on May 20, 2011.

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