A Bomb Hill to Bomb

I’m living in New Hampshire for the summer, which has it’s ups and downs. The downs include black flies, long periods of solitude and boredom, and being a half an hour away from anything interesting. The ups, however, include lots of time exploring in the woods (cause I’m into that) and being around some great hills. I’m not much of a long boarder, but I do enjoy going really fast down hills. Skateboards can only go so fast before they become really sketchy, so I have a longer one for bombing serious hills. Luckily I live in the area of NH where the flat lands meet the mountains, so there are huge hills everywhere! I found a wild one today, almost a mile long, and very steep just below where I’m standing in this video:

The little white blip that my finger points to at the end is my car. Top to bottom was a blast, but it was a long hike. It’s called Hussey Hill Rd. and it’s in Rochester, NH. Just down the road was a housing complex with a shorter road than this one, but it was wide and fresh concrete, so its a great double hitter.


~ by evanlitsios on May 20, 2011.

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